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Data Science and Analytics

Data Science and Analytics

Data Science and Analytics

Data Science and Analytics

The Future belongs to those who understand the impact of data today. Growth and enterprise-wide outcome depend on your ability to gather, implement, manage and transform data into business deliverables. At Todsys, we separate noise from signal, explore core patterns in data and offer predictive assessment so that you can explore new growth avenues while seamlessly executing intended decisions and eliminating misalignment with commercial goals.

With us as your trusted partner, you can harness meaning out of data, predict demand for products and services to enhance customer experiences, and stay competitive in the age of digital disruption.

Our data science and analytics services help organizations develop desired statistical models and custom algorithms, reduce revenue leakage, increase improve bottom line productivity, and deploy smart insights in near real time.

Our enterprise-wide analytics solutions continuously benefit our clients from the insights they produce, discover core relationships between variables to improve future business outcome. We leverage on our domain expertise, proven skills, and processes to dynamically design, develop, build, run and manage data platforms and services.

Todsys data science and analytics offerings

Click Stream Data Analytics Solution – Gain valuable business insights from large trails of digital footprints. Collect, analyze, and derive meaning from the data to make better business decisions, target your customers more confidently, understand and analyze what make them click and what does not. Leverage on use cases and analytics to discover impactful patterns. With Todsys, you can expect actionable business intelligence while eliminating associated challenges; such as high cost, lack of scalability and optimization limitations.

with our click stream data analytics solution, you can effectively make improved business decision to find, target, retain your customers. You can achieve the desired outcomes while reducing development time, efforts, and expenses.

Omni channel Fulfillment– The order fulfillment process conducted across a variety of channels is very crucial in this experience economy. Customer expectations are fast changing and in order to address the evolving priorities, generating a consistent, Omni channel experience is crucial. Todsys leverages on its domain expertise, proven expertise and future-ready technologies to provide Omni channel fulfillment services that are scalable.

Todsys AI Service Offerings

Todsys AI Service Offerings


Todsys Technologies has expertise into developing wide range of applications. Our objective is to empower businesses with Automated solutions.


Todsys Technologies has the ability to customize business solutions which can be suitable for your business processes.


Business Solutions offered by Todsys Technologies can be integrated easily with your present & 3rd party applications.


Todsys Technologies takes care of your End to End Implementation. Right from gathering requirements to user training.

User Training

Building Solutions are easy but making people use them is difficult. We help you with proper user training.


Todsys Technologies offers you support services from experts. We make sure that your applications are running smoothly.

Our Strength

  • We have top AI professionals for consulting and Implementation with deep product knowledge.
  • Enhance your success with proven adoption strategies and methodology.
  • We provide Onsite, Offsite and Offshore Development and implementation services based on your business needs.
Todsys AI Service Offerings

Todsys AI Service Offerings

Banking and Financial Services

Whether it be predicting Market Movements or CRM solution our AI can crunch massive amounts of data and give extremely accurate predictions.

E-Commerce Industry

We create customized AI based applications which can help you to access real time reports in fractions of seconds with help of speech & text recognition services.


Our AI tools support decision-making and research that will improve the efficiency of treatments by avoiding costs and minimising the risks of false diagnosis.


Our AI integrated voice & chat support work round the clock to provide excellent customer service with benefits like information accuracy, multilingual, auto update knowledge base, information security & much more at optimal cost.

Retail & CPG

Our AI solutions is capable of Image recognition, product recommendations and chat functionality has the ability to offer better customer experience and top of the mind recall for brands.

Marketing and sales

Our AI solutions can judge the insights about the market, consumer buying behavior, customer preferences & trends to generate the right campaign for your brand.